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NITYA BAJAJ X The mask project by Harper’s Bazaar India

, NITYA BAJAJ X The mask project by Harper’s Bazaar India
Protect yourself to protect others- that’s the message of a facemask. And as the fashion world adapts to the new normal, the facemask as also become a chance for self expression. A medium to highlight our visual identities whole staying safe.
In an exclusive Bazaar digital feature, 20+ brilliant fashion designers from around the country were invited to share their interpretation of the mask. Some of these were real, made of recycled fabric scraps like Nitya Bajaj. Others are imagined, a prediction for the future. Each being a unique representation of our times.
Nitya Bajaj is proud to be a part of #themaskproject by Harper’s Bazaar India. The designer creates a beautiful artwork, also introducing the first digital NFT by the brand as she combines her hand illustrated fashion croquis with digitally enhanced artwork to depict her interpretation of the facemask. Beautiful accents of a sanitizer with a blooming Daisy aims to look at beauty even in difficult times.
Nitya Bajaj is happy to share the space with eminent names in fashion like Anamika Khanna and Narendra Kumar Ahmad.
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